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We make crazy ideas real, but most often we start with a sensible conversation.

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    Strategic Foresight

    We work with brands who want to know what is next for them based on analysis of the market, input from pioneering thinkers and makers from around the world, and active input from key decision makers in your business. Together we map the opportunities, challenges, risks and choose the right next step.

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    Brand Strategy

    We work around the world with global brands who want to tell their story in new ways, and become different kinds of organisations (and be even more successful at the same time). To do that we bring the rigour of a venture studio, together with the sheer imaginative power of our creative network, and mix it with a genuine interest in collaboration.

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    New Ventures, Products and Services

    We translate strategic opportunities into designs and investment cases for new products and business lines. Our approach means that we can bring teams of real pioneers together to blueprint the design, brand, technology and growth strategy that can drive growth and impact. Plus we do this with our own money too, so we understand what it takes to get to launch.

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    Credible Investment Cases

    We can take a ‘birds eye’ view of a future opportunity, but also a ‘worms eye’ view of what it takes to get there – using our global network of commercial and technology experts to build strategies with clear roadmaps that stakeholders or investors can feel comfortable investing behind.

We work with clients to create the strategies that build, and get investment in, high growth businesses that are good for the world.

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    Accelerators by Label Ventures

    We set-up accelerators inside the world's most ambitious brands to take on challenges around new product development, brand strategy, or to unlock growth within an existing business unit.

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    Venture Studios inside your Brand

    We deliver an always on capability for clients who want to accelerate innovation at scale. This ranges from next generation insight to venture building and M&A scouting.

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    Lab Management

    We run innovation labs on behalf of major brands as a managed service, or we can simply give in-house lab leaders the expert advice and support they need to achieve breakthrough innovation.

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    Joint Ventures

    Our flexible structure means that we are always open to becoming a genuine partner in the success of any new venture we create.

Questions People Ask Us

What’s the future of this category?

How can we grow and be good for the world?

Where is our next big opportunity?

Why is this product not growing faster?

We work with ambitious brands from a range of industries.

Some of them at the start of their journey to explore what their future looks like, some ready to start building new ventures.

Past projects include:

  • Creation of a new Direct to Consumer business for a major asset manager
  • Future strategy for a major insurance company
  • Web3 strategy for a sport brand
  • Accelerated venture development for a global banking brand
  • New product development for a global banking brandv
  • Thought leadership for a global Payments Network
  • Payments strategy for a US Credit Union

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