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Our Thinking

At Label Ventures we're unafraid of being provocative, but scared of being boring

Our manifesto is to…

Create high growth that’s good for the world.

We were founded to bring together pioneering people to create businesses and products that are successful as well as being good for people and planet. That’s our cause.

Replace products that deserve to be.

We want to replace the products and services that are not good for the world with fast growing products and services that are. It’s a simple theory of change. It's the little bit of change that we can make each day.

Connect people and ideas no-one else does.

We make breakthroughs happen in our thinking and the businesses we create by connecting unique people and tech. We do that in ways that no-one else has yet. We are combiners.


We focus on people over process and create incredible environments for our teams to craft research, ideas, designs, code and products. That’s how we work.

Latest Thinking

The return of the teenager

There will be 25% more 18 year olds in the UK in 2030 than there were in 2020 — and the effects will be cultural, commercial…

by Kirsty Smith


We create high growth businesses that are good for the world.

Analytics on how people feel about change and how to make it happen. We built our Innovation and ESG Analytics programme for leaders in organisations who want to unlock the potential of their people to innovate, be creative and launch new ventures.

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Access better tech and talent with Changesource. Changesource runs a global scouting operation that spots high potential B2B tech companies, agencies, services and products. Every time your company looks to make a buying choice, or even to explore an opportunity, we connect you to options that will match your budget and reflect your values.

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FLIP’s mission is to showcase, celebrate and amplify the most pioneering people out there in strategy, design and innovation- the ones who forge their own path and never take their eye off nurturing their craft.

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We create high growth businesses that are good for the world.

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