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The product

Doing things differently

Change is hard, this is why we launched What Our People Feel. We know that it’s hard for leaders to know how a new vision or initiative is actually being understood and felt by their people. What Our People Feel is special because it bypasses conscious bias and quantitatively measures feelings, attitudes, and people’s sentiment. This means we can combine how people feel with what they think to give leaders trying to make change happen an unprecedented view of their peoples’ understanding and insight.


Making change happen

We built the product What Our People Feel so that analytics on how people feel about change could be used to help leaders make change happen. We know change is hard so we wanted to built a product that empowers leaders to see what people think and feel about change – with actionable insights on how to make progress happen faster.

Joint Venture

Launching with Truth Sayers

Label Ventures has worked with the neuro tech specialists Truthsayers to launch What Our People Feel. We’ve combined the Label’s deep understanding of innovation, change and ESG with Turthsayer’s unique neuro tech so that we can uncover what’s really going with teams and leaders who want to make change happen.