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We enable the world’s most ambitious brands to save money by saving the world every time they buy a product or service.


Ethical Sourcing

Suppliers that tick all the boxes

Changesource will find you a supplier that not only meets any brief your business has but that is also aligned to your company purpose and values. Changesource will source change for you by matching you to suppliers that meet your ESG agenda, diversity and inclusion goals or even based in a geography you want to invest in.

ESG Agenda

Suppliers that value ESG as much as you do

Label Ventures designed and built Changesouce after seeing the huge opportunity to empower the ESG agenda through procurement spending. Changesource will help make change happen by finding suppliers that value ESG as much as the business and its customers does. We’ll help any business to meet their ESG targets by sourcing suppliers that have an ESG policy that matches or exceeds theirs.

Diversity and Inclusion Agenda

Diverse and inclusive suppliers

Label Ventures exists to create products and ventures that are good for the world. It’s often a challenge for businesses to have workforces that are as diverse or inclusive as they want them to be. Whilst any business is on this journey Changesource can help them use their procurement spend to meet their aspirations but sourcing suppliers that meet their diversity and inclusion targets to make change happen.

Procurement Power

Empowering procurement spend

At Label Ventures we believe procurement spending power can be used as a source of change for businesses. All businesses have the choice to work with suppliers that match their ambitions in ESG, diversity, inclusion or place. Label Ventures built Changesource to help businesses make change happen, starting with the suppliers they work with.